With the evolution of transports, sharing information on the internet, apps that have replaced many jobs and social networks that suggest the best, we have the opportunity to travel in full autonomy.

However, nothing can replace the pleasure of exchanging emotions with local people and fellow travelers from different countries while discovering new landscapes, diving and floating close to the reef to admire a parallel world , breathing the cold mountain air on the chair lift before riding powder, visiting a city with a passionate guide who shows and tells us about culture and usage, sitting at a table in front of excellently cooked local products or just looking up to the sky to search the infinity… aware of being part of this wonderful planet!

Nothing can replace the emotion of discovering places trough the eyes of those who live there, especially when these people are running useful projects for our Earth.

You are the traveler! Through local people, sports and special events created just for you, travelling with us will become a fun and creative experience: a way to feel the world.

Let’s Hearth is the result of a partnership between professionals friends who decide to commit part of their time to the project all around the world. Everyone can be part of it: biologists, urbanists, owner of accomodation, shops, sport experts, tour guides, chefs, dj’s, you name it!


The CONCEPT is to create events and travel opportunities collaborating with people that wish to spread their knowledge and passions during specific taylor-made events, trips and different happenings.


Through our engagement and hard work which briefly consists of:

– Events calendar (small groups of maximum 10 people)

– Private consulting (friends, family, couple etc)

– Company consulting (team building, tourism analysis)

We are not a travel agency, we are people from different countries who decided to create a ‘human network’ to give to you advices and support to live great experiences.

The word “hearth” combines “heart” and “earth” and also means ‘home’: words that express what is most important to us, that is, passion, nature and a pleasant environment.

“Let’s” is used to convey the dynamism, action and adrenaline which come from experience.

Be part of the present and create our future!

Waiting for you!

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