Friday 11st – Sunday 19th August 2018: Kyrgyzstan

Friday 11st – Sunday 19th August 2018: Kyrgyzstan

It’s the time when everything comes to life, you’ll see rapid kaleidoscope of flowering. This is a time when the canyon begins to revive. At sunrise, the towers and domes of Kamorchek light up with red and purple colors, which fade and shimmer at sunset. Scenic trails, winding between the walls of canyons, bring to the massive rock monoliths that play in the sun all shades of crimson, reddish-brown and orange colors. Above inherited from the past meanders tower countless rocks, rising to view mysterious city of gods and religions.

Trekking is different from other sorts of travel. Trekking gives travelers an up-close view of incredible scenery. It often allows them to interact with nature, doing anything from climbing a rock, passing across a mountain or entire mountain range.

We’ll meet real nomads who have preserved their traditions and carried them through the centuries of the history of Central Asia. We’ll try to learn some traditional food recipes and we’ll ride with gentle horses for long paths.

Chon Kemin National Park. On the way, we visit the Burana tower, dating 11th century and restored during the Soviet Union. Karool Dobo village. Accommodation in the local family house. Overnight and dinner in the guest house.

In the evening we visit a local farmer for the introduction of shepherd’s life.

Karakol, Konorchek canyon, walking to the red canyon. Following the road by the northern shore of the lake. Visit the Prjevalsky where we check in to a charming guest-house. Dinner in a dungane family house (dungans are ethnic minority in Kyrgyzstan, muslim people of Chinese origin).

Hiking day to Jeti Oguz, we go up to the mountain lakes of Irdik 3300m above sea level. Picnic in the mountain area. Then down to Jeti Oguz red rock. 7/8h or hiking. Transfer back to Karakol city. Horseback riding to Jukuchak valley,  drive to Chon Kizil Suu valley. Transfer to Bokonbaeva, 90km. Arrival in the late evening, dinner in a local family house and…more and more!


Daniele Gramisci

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