Saturday 29th October – Saturday 12th November 2016: Bali and Sangihe Island, north Sulawesi, Indonesia

Saturday 29th October – Saturday 12th November 2016: Bali and Sangihe Island, north Sulawesi, Indonesia

We’ll start our experience in Bali for few days where we would like to enjoy bike ecoturism, beaches, parties and sports. After that we’ll move to Sangihe Islands for a wild tour on Zirbad.

Zirbad is a traditional one mast Indonesian wooden boat, devoted to adventures and adventurers and in the past two years she has sailed the majority of the Indonesian seas. Her shallow draught allows her to explore the most remote coves and get very close to shore. The small capacity of the boat makes the cruises aboard Zirbad particularly friendly and cozy.

The Sangihe-Talaud islands (also called Sangir islands) spread down from Mindanao, south of the Philippines to the North Sulawesi peninsula with the Celebes Sea to the west and Maluku Sea to the east of the archipelago.

The district consists of 77 islands, of which 56 islands are inhabited. Most of the people live from agricultural products, such as coconut, vanilla, nutmeg and clove.

A large volcano Gunung Awu ( 1,320 m) occupies the northern end of Sangihe Island. Gunung Awu is a very active volcano. Another smaller volcano further south also regularly spews forth ash and lava.

These islands are inhabited by many rare and exotic birds and mammals. There are several parrots among them the Red-and-blue Lory (Eos histrio) and other birds such as the Talaud rail and bush-hen and the Sangihe scops owl that are very rare or nearly extinct. The Karakelang Hunting Reserve on Karakelang island is for hunting wild buffaloes and wild pigs, but it is also good for birding.
Zirbad can accommodate 6 guests in a shared cabin equipped with two double beds and two single beds. Each bed has a skylight above it, which affords guests a view of the stars. A shared bathroom with WC, shower and washbasin is located in the guest area.

The aft offers a protected area perfect for relaxing, enjoying the ocean and having meals together at a central table. On the top deck there is a large space perfect for sunbathing and for enjoying the sunset. A separate area hosts a galley, navigation area and the three crew bunks.

For any details send an e-mail or text on whatsapp. Prices can vary depending on the required service.


Daniele Gramisci

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