Friday 25th March – Sunday 3rd April 2016: Banggai Island, central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Friday 25th March – Sunday 3rd April 2016: Banggai Island, central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Zirbad is a traditional one mast Indonesian wooden boat, devoted to adventures and adventurers and in the past two years she has sailed the majority of the Indonesian seas. Her shallow draught allows her to explore the most remote coves and get very close to shore. The small capacity of the boat makes the cruises aboard Zirbad particularly friendly and cozy.

You will explore the Indonesian archipelago of Banggai, a group of islands located at the far Easter end of central Sulawesi.

Banggai,  archipelago consists of two major islands and approximately 100 islets. The archipelago is situated between the Sulawesi and Molukka’s islands at the entrance to Tolo Gulf.

The archipelago is still wild with only few resident except for the main islands of Peleng and Banggai that are more busy. These beautiful islands and their very friendly people are an invitation for discoveries, on-water villages, fishing harbour, plantations, clear water rivers and waterfalls.

Many spot are perfect for snorkelling and free diving on beautiful and fish full coral reefs.

Around the archipelago is still possible to meet the Bajo Laut, one of the last Sea Nomads tribe that for at least 400 years were living on boats or in stilt villages out at sea relying on its resources for subsistence.

Zirbad can accommodate 6 guests in a shared cabin equipped with two double beds and two single beds. Each bed has a skylight above it, which affords guests a view of the stars. A shared bathroom with WC, shower and washbasin is located in the guest area.

The aft offers a protected area perfect for relaxing, enjoying the ocean and having meals together at a central table. On the top deck there is a large space perfect for sunbathing and for enjoying the sunset. A separate area hosts a galley, navigation area and the three crew bunks.

The cruise will start and end at the harbor of Luwuk on the Sulawesi coast after a 7 day sailing trip around the Banggai’s archipelago.

For any details send an e-mail or text on whatsapp. Prices can variate depending on the required service.


Daniele Gramisci

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