Friday 4th – Sunday 6th March: Italy – Roma/Frascati

Friday 4th – Sunday 6th March: Italy – Roma/Frascati

During the two days tour we will have the chance to get a rich and exciting taste of Rome’s city center through its classic sites as well as the less known gems!

Later we will get a nice local train trip to explore another of Rome’ s pearls, the Roman Castles. Starting from the glorious Frascati, home of many aristocratic Roman families in the 16th and 17 th hundreds, we will continue hiking the ancient path to the archeological site Tuscolo, and enjoy a breathtaking view over Rome and even the Tirrenian Sea.

The Roman Castles means extraordinary culinary traditions and wine production as the some of the most classic italian dishes such as “Pasta Carbonara”, “Pasta all’ Amatriciana” were invented here. A food experience in one of Castelli’ s old Trattorias is a must!

For any details send an e-mail or text on whatsapp. Prices can variate depending on the required service.


Daniele Gramisci

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