Saturday 26th September – Saturday 3rd October 2015: Natural Park of Salinas_Eivissa

Saturday 26th September – Saturday 3rd October 2015: Natural Park of Salinas_Eivissa

Ibiza is famous all over the world for his parties and lifestyle but the island is also one of the most bio-populated in the Meditteranean sea.

We would like to discover every feature of this place and feel his total entirety: sports, science, food and parties.

The Villa is situated in the Natural Park between southern Ibiza and northern Formentera, only two minutes from the best beaches (Salinas and Es Cavallet): 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, private pool, 2 kitchens, barbecue.

For everyone that is interested we’ll organize: BIKING, DIVING and SNORKELING.

The natural park also includes the sea channel that separates both islands. It encompasses 2,800 hectares of land and some 9,000 hectares of water.

The maritime component: The sea represents 75% of the park´s total area, characterized by the ecological value of its underwater meadows of Posidonia oceanica. This underwater plant, which can only be found in the Mediterranean, helps to maintain communities of fish and other underwater organismss. At the same time it also oxygenates the water, whilst protecting beaches from wave erosion and conserving the dune systems. The Natural Park had been declared an Item of World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Fauna: 210 differents species of birds have been registered in the park. Particularly important are it´s populations of water birds, including flamingos, the black-winged stilt, the shelduck, the snowy plover and sea birds like Audouin´s gull and the Balearic shearwater.

For any details send an e-mail or text on whatsapp. Prices can variate depending on the required service.


Daniele Gramisci

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